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Empower the differently abled

Goal – Empower the differently abled

               Main achievable –

1-       Jobs for the differently abled

2-       Linkages with Government Schemes

We have set up a training centre at Ganeshpuri for the differently abled on 2nd October 2016 .An income generation activity is also going on in Ganeshpuri from 1st Nov 2017 .

We mobilise the differently able. Help them to get Handicap certificate, Bus pass, apply for the government schemes of social welfare department

Then we start their training and we help them to find jobs. This training is very basic and to build their self confidence and motivate them to take up jobs. So, it was CRH’s idea that if these people are given basic education and a formal grooming session then they can find themselves a better income source. CRH, by its activities, plans to train them and on completion of training, provide them with a job. The centre in Ganeshpuri will become the contact point for all the handicap individuals in the area, for their requirements. So setting up an institute in Ganeshpuri is most important.

What we do

1-       Mobilise and register the students

2-       Make their Handicap certificate

3-       Make their Bus Pass

4-       Apply for Govt Schemes

5-       Give them training on computer, English and soft skill

6-       Place them for Jobs

7-       Set up a temporary accommodation at Vasai for students 

       from interior places to go to city to work

8-       Income generation activity for people who cannot travel     .

water project (1)

water project at Dand ( Igatpuri)

 Water provision at Village  – Dand,  Tehsil – Shahapur, District – Thane – 421602. 

The village is remotely located at 77 mtrs altitude above sea level and is surrounded by mountainous and forest terrain around it.  It has just 35 small houses/huts with total population of 165. The distance between proposed source of water  and  village is about 2 KM.

Village has  a single well  which fulfills their water needs  in monsoon seasons. After the rains this well totally dries up. During these hot days  girls of the village  reach to bottom of the hills where there is another stream/pond of water. Once the pots are filled, they have to dodge potent stones, dense forest and climb a steep gradient of  two  K M while balancing the pots on their heads in a blistering heat.

This project is aimed at bringing number of girls in a main tream of basic education by providing a water pipeline from bottem of the hill to Dand village. This will help overcome arduous physical task carried out by  girls of this village during looming summer and adjoining hot season. The villager  can then be supported and guided to  get their daughters to attend school for the time saved of this activity  The objective of this project is to support  and contribute for the well being of girls of  underdeveloped communities around us.

This is the first project we did  . we want to set up this type of project ten villages ,which are of the similar situation

Remedial education

Remedial education

We are conducting a foundation as per the standards national education policy . Children will be trained to read and write Marathi , Basic mathematics and an introduction to English

A pre –test will conducted to assess the level of the student . Gaps are find out and focused training will be given to fill the gaps.

Remedial class  for  3,4,and 5 standard. One hour per day classes  for 3rd  and 4th standard. Two hours instructions for 5 standard. Foundation course as per the standards fix by the education department and progress will be assessed by two exams in a year.

 Students currently in 6th and 7th some support will be provided a course according to their intellectual level

Skill development for youth

Skill development for youth

Goal – Empowering the youth for job


  • To build confidence of youth through learning spoken English and soft skills so as to present themselves. 
  • To equip the youth with employability skills in using computer, retail management and soft skills which may help them become financially independent
  • To facilitate employment placement of trained youth in remunerative industries

Training centre 

We set up a training centre at Govandi  in Mumbai with a capacity of training 150 students per year