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Empower the differently abled

Goal – Empower the differently abled

               Main achievable –

1-       Jobs for the differently abled

2-       Linkages with Government Schemes

We have set up a training centre at Ganeshpuri for the differently abled on 2nd October 2016 .An income generation activity is also going on in Ganeshpuri from 1st Nov 2017 .

We mobilise the differently able. Help them to get Handicap certificate, Bus pass, apply for the government schemes of social welfare department

Then we start their training and we help them to find jobs. This training is very basic and to build their self confidence and motivate them to take up jobs. So, it was CRH’s idea that if these people are given basic education and a formal grooming session then they can find themselves a better income source. CRH, by its activities, plans to train them and on completion of training, provide them with a job. The centre in Ganeshpuri will become the contact point for all the handicap individuals in the area, for their requirements. So setting up an institute in Ganeshpuri is most important.

What we do

1-       Mobilise and register the students

2-       Make their Handicap certificate

3-       Make their Bus Pass

4-       Apply for Govt Schemes

5-       Give them training on computer, English and soft skill

6-       Place them for Jobs

7-       Set up a temporary accommodation at Vasai for students 

       from interior places to go to city to work

8-       Income generation activity for people who cannot travel     .

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